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Learning Spanish should be fun. Spanish for Kids. Spanish resources for kids of all ages. Short Stories. Medical Spanish. Spanish Medical Dictionary. Conversational Spanish. Verb Conjugator. Spanish Sentences using hacer. This tool is great for seeing how words are used in a natural context. Language: Spanish English. Hice mi tarea. Hay que hacer la cama. Hay que hacer la tarea. Hizo muchas preguntas.

Hay que hacer deporte. A lo hecho pecho. Uno no lo puede hacer todo. No pude hacer nada. Hace buen tiempo. Hace mucho calor. Hace mucho viento.The verb hacer can be used in various ways to talk about the passage of time. You can use hacer to describe how long ago something happened or how long you have been doing something. You can also use hacer to describe past actions that were interrupted by another action. Let's learn some handy time expressions with hacer! There are two formulas you can use with hacer to talk about actions that occurred a specific amount of time ago.

There are two formulas you can use with hacer to talk about actions that started in the past and continue into the present. These expressions are useful for talking about something you have been doing for a certain amount of time. There are three formulas you can use with hacer to talk about actions in the past that were interrupted. These expressions are useful for talking about something you had been doing when something else happened.

Grammar Guide. Time Expressions with "Hacer". Tengo mi trabajo desde hace seis meses. I had been studying Spanish for one year when I traveled to Spain. We had been playing with the dog for 30 minutes when it began to rain. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website. It was six years ago that I met my husband.

He arrived five minutes ago. He learned to speak Spanish three years ago. I started my job six months ago. They have been studying Spanish for one year. I have known my husband for six years. He has spoken Spanish for three years. I have had my job for six months.

I had been reading the book for a week when I lost it. I had been sleeping for seven hours when the alarm went off.Hacer is one of the most versatile verbs in the Spanish language, and it is used in a wide range of expressions that you'll use daily. Although it is often said to mean "to make" or "to do," in context it can refer to almost any activity as well as the act of becoming.

It is almost always followed by a noun. To indicate the making or creation of something: A number of translations of the verb can be used in English depending on what is being made. As a general verb meaning "to do": Hacer can refer to an activity in general, or it can replace a verb used earlier. In weather terms: Typically, weather terms use a third-person singular form of hacer followed by a noun.

In time expressions: Typically, hace is followed by a period of time to indicate how long ago something happened or started. To show causation: In some cases, hacer is used similarly to the English "make" to indicate why sometime happened. To indicate the act of becoming: The reflexive form hacerse is often used to indicate change. In various impersonal expressions: In some cases, hacer can become the equivalent of "to be. To indicate how something seems: The reflexive form is sometimes used in this way.

Like most much-used verbs, hace r's conjugation is highly irregular. Here are the conjugations of the irregular indicative forms, with irregular conjugations in boldface:. Share Flipboard Email.

sentences with hacer

Gerald Erichsen. Spanish Language Expert.

Expressions with 'Hacer'

Gerald Erichsen is a Spanish language expert who has created Spanish lessons for ThoughtCo since Updated November 01, Here are some of the most common uses of hacer :. We're going to design a web page. Hizo una casa grande en Chicago. He built a large house in Chicago. I wrote a book about my aunt.Log in Sign up. Listen to an audio pronunciation. Dictionary Conjugation Examples. El sistema es similar al Skype y Duo, hacer Google. The system is similar to Skype and Duo, do Google.

Only a couple of places could do something like this. Y eso me dio un mes para hacer mi tarea. And that gave me a month to do my homework. El verdugo tiene que hacer su trabajo en paz, comisario. The hangman has to do his work in peace, sheriff.

Pero la ley ahora me requiere para hacer dos cosas. But the law now requires me to do two things. Who else could make a good script of your novel? What you gonna do with all that money, Anna Mae? Oh, eso suena como una buena forma de hacer amigos. Oh, that sounds like a good way to make friends. This is what Maggie wants to do for your birthday. Los concursantes tienen que hacer tres platos en dos horas.

The contestants have to make three dishes in two hours. Usted puede hacer uso de en nuestro alojamiento con desayuno. You can make use of in our accommodation with breakfast. Listen, what're you gonna do with your share in Poland? Some of you are ready to do the same today. El tuvo una oportunidad para hacer algo con su vida. He had a chance to do something with his life. Now, we can do a version of what you're proposing Well, you don't have to do this just for me.

Using the Spanish Verb 'Hacer'

Tell him we're here to do business with your boss. You know what the Empire could do with that crystal. Margate might be a good time to make the announcement. So, now we're gonna make a splint for my wrist. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website.How well can you make do in Spanish?

I tend to make the main lunch two times per week — Suelo hacer la comida dos veces a la semana. He is not paying me any attention — No me hace ni caso He does not make me any attention. Podcast: Play in new window. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

If you want to develop a conversational level of Spanish, then this guide will help you get there in the most effective way. We do — Nosotros hacemos. They do — Ellos hacen. I do a lot of exercise — Hago mucho ejercicio. I forgot to make the bed today — Se me ha olvidado hacer la cama hoy. It is very hot — Hace mucho calor. It is very cold — Hace mucho frio. The weather is good today — Hace buen tiempo, hoy. To ask a question — Hacer una pregunta.

I want to ask you a question — Quiero hacerte una pregunta.

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They ask me too many questions — Me hacen demasiadas preguntas. Hecho — Done, made or fact. A fact — Un hecho. It is an interesting fact — Es un hecho interesante. In fact — De hecho. It makes me happy — Me hace feliz. What he told me made me happy — Lo que me dijo me hizo feliz. It makes me laugh — Me hace gracia. It amused me — Me hizo gracia.

Tips 105: Common Spanish Verbs – 9 Uses for the Word “Hacer”

It is missing to me — Me hace falta. What do I need today? I do not need your advice — no me hace falta tu consejo. Olvidar vs Olvidarse — How to Forget in Spanish. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. First Name. Spanish Classes Application. Spanish Beginner Course.This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

Learn more Got it! Finally I noticed a very obvious error in the sequence and for an instant I concentrated my attention on the lesson and tried to think how I should have arranged the beads. I have travelled a good deal in Concord; and everywhere, in shops, and offices, and fields, the inhabitants have appeared to me to be doing penance in a thousand remarkable ways. Otanes answered, I have already told two of your men that I have forty pieces of gold in my hat.

At dinner that day, on Dessalles' mentioning that the French were said to have already entered Vitebsk, the old prince remembered his son's letter. If he had been the only child in the family, things might have been different.

The mother dragon probably knows the road to the earth's surface, and if she went the other way then we have come the wrong way, said the Wizard, thoughtfully.

They have told me nothing, and probably cannot tell me anything to the purpose. We'd have to pay seven rubles a cartload to Dorogobuzh and I tell them they're not Christians to ask it!

Today you may stand up before the school and read what you have written about the turnip. They saw that all these fables taught some great truth, and they wondered how Aesop could have thought of them. I have said and still say that the theater of war is Poland and the enemy will never get beyond the Niemen. You may come to America and be poor, but if you work hard, your children will have a better life and a better opportunity. Yes, I have heard of his scheme for perpetual peace, and it is very interesting but hardly feasible.

She could not have read the letter as she did not even know it had arrived. I think that he must have fallen upon some bushes and vines that grew in some parts of the chasm. After you have written three or four words, you can put them together, can you not?

As for reaching the top of the earth, I have never heard that it is possible to do that, and if you succeeded in getting there you would probably fall off. What if the Smolensk people have offahd to waise militia for the Empewah? Then, on Friday those who have done the best may stand up and read their compositions to the school.

Such a pleasant day and evening should have ended with a restful night and happy dreams, but it didn't. The actors of have long since left the stage, their personal interests have vanished leaving no trace, and nothing remains of that time but its historic results. He shall have all the rooms in the house, and the ladies' parlor, too, I'll go right round to the Planters' and fetch him back.

They may have missed on specifics such as each of us owning a personal jet pack and a flying car but in general were dead-on. They have decided that Buonaparte has burnt his boats, and I believe that we are ready to burn ours. The boys wore long hair and striped sweaters and yelled their college yell every other step they took, to the great satisfaction of the populace, which was glad to have this evidence that their lungs were in good condition.

Here is life, an experiment to a great extent untried by me; but it does not avail me that they have tried it. He told me himself that all the Moscow ladies have conspired to give him all their sons as adjutants.

Ant," he said; "but you have a heavy load to carry. In the first place, I tell you we have no right to question the Emperor about that, and secondly, if the Russian nobility had that right, the Emperor could not answer such a question. And now, my friends, please to excuse My lisping and my stammers; I, for this once, have done my best, And so--I'll make my manners.

At length the chief of the band called to Otanes and said, "Young fellow, have you anything worth taking? Then some one outside called loudly, " Have you seen King Robert the Bruce pass this way?

sentences with hacer

They would have had to retire of their own accord, for they had no water for men or horses. Once you have tried my goods I am sure you will never be without them. You will notice my braids are tied with yellow, pink, brown, red, green, white and black; but I have no blue ribbons.See the following examples:. Better yet — sign up for a free Skype Spanish class with us!

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sentences with hacer

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